Quick Start Rules

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Quick Start Rules

Each player chooses an Elder God Card, and places it in front of them. A Player is chosen to be the dealer, shuffles, and deals 5 cards to each Player. The Player to the Dealer’s left plays first, and play continues clockwise.

On your turn, you perform 2 Actions, and then draw. Actions include playing a card, Sacrificing a Cultist, or Exchanging Cards. A “Pass” is also a valid Action.

  • Play a Cultist - Play any Cultist to your Pool. Matched Cultists are grouped together.
  • Play an Elder Sign - Elder Sign unlocks a Seal; Place it on your Elder God, activating its Cosmic Primal Power.
  • Play a Cultist Power Card - Powers are played to the Discard, with the Target chosen by the Player.
  • Play an Advantage Card - Advantages are played directly to your Pool.
  • Play an Eldritch Power Card - Eldritch Powers are played to the discard pile, with the Target chosen by the Player.
  • Sacrifice a Cultist - Send a Cultist from your Pool to the Discard, gaining an instant Convert Cultist Power.
  • Exchange Cards - A Player can choose to discard their entire hand, or a portion thereof, and redraw to their current Maximum Hand Size (usually 5). This counts as both Actions.

After all Actions have been completed, draw until you have five cards in your hand, and play continues to the left. Grouping 4 Cultists of your Elder God, in your Pool, unlocks a Seal. Move these cards to your Elder God Card, activating its Cosmic Primal Power.

When all 4 Seals have been unlocked, your Elder God’s Gate opens, and you win the game. Congratulations for ushering in the Age of Madness!