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The Grimoire of Madness - The Official Cthulhu: Age of Madness Wiki
The Cosmic Veil has been pierced. The Elder Gods awaken from their ancient slumber in anticipation of a return to our realm. Cultists around the globe are mobilizing, preparing the Seals to open the Gates, hearkening the Elder Gods return. Their goal, to usher in the Age of Madness! Will you heed the Master’s Call?

Cthulhu: Age of Madness, the card game of Cultists and Cosmic Horror, is a competitive card game for 2-4 players. Players assume the role of representatives of one of four Elder Gods; Azathoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and Yog-Sothoth. Your Goal… to unlock 4 Seals, opening the Cosmic Gate, and allowing your Elder God to usher in the Age of Madness.

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Game Rules

Card Lists

The Deck

Miscellaneous Cards

Game Accessories


  • Azathoth Playmat
  • Cthulhu Playmat
  • Nyarlathotep Playmat
  • Yog-Sothoth Playmat
  • Commemorative Playmat

Cultist Badges

  • Azathoth Cultist Badge
  • Cthulhu Cultist Badge
  • Nyarlathotep Cultist Badge
  • Yog-Sothoth Cultist Badge
  • Order of Madness Cultist Badge

Miscellaneous Playable Items

  • Commemorative Coin


Elder God Postcards

  • Azathoth Postcard
  • Cthulhu Postcard
  • Nyarlathotep Postcard
  • Yog-Sothoth Postcard

Wax Seal Stickers

  • Azathoth Wax Seal Stickers
  • Cthulhu Wax Seal Stickers
  • Nyarlathotep Wax Seal Stickers
  • Yog-Sothoth Wax Seal Stickers

Miscellaneous Swag

  • Order of Madness Patch
  • Order of Madness Pin
  • T-Shirt