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Cthulhu Splash.jpg

The Stars have aligned. The great slumbering one, Cthulhu, has awakened and prepares for his return as the eternal Madness upon this world. Rejoice in the return of humanity’s Great Nightmare. Through fear and madness we are one.

Card Type: Elder God
Distribution: C:AoM Core
Quantity: 1

Effect: When Seal is complete - Convert Cultists as a free play.

Official Rule: Cthulhu waits beneath the sea, dreaming. We dare not ponder on what Cthulhu dreams. Cthulhu towers over humanity, with a tentacled head resembling an octopus, atop a bipedal body, with wings too small to be functional. Cthulhu’s Cosmic Primal Power allows the Player to perform one Convert Cultist Action as a Free Play. This power is instant, and can be used on any single player. The function is identical to that of the Convert Cultist card, affecting a single entire stack of Cultists.
Cards associated with Cthulhu have Ribbons and Wax Seals colored Green.
Official Strategy: Cthulhu’s Cosmic Primal Power, a ‘free’ Convert Cultists, is most effective when an opponent has multiple stacks of Cultists, as well as Cthulhu Cultists. When the Power is activated, convert one of their Cultist stacks. Couple with Master’s Call to cripple their forces and set the stage for more seals to be unlocked. It is also very possible to have enough Cultists in your Pool to use that free Convert to convert your own Cultists, possibly Unlocking a Seal. The advanced player may even think ahead by playing Cultists in a way to set up such a scenario.