Big Plays for the Hungering Chaos

Maddening moves, persnipitty plays, and terrible turns. Share with us some of the great plays and exciting, or not so exciting, moments from your games of Cthulhu: Age of Madness.
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Big Plays for the Hungering Chaos

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Deep into a four player game with high tension among friends. All was quiet at the table as we began to strategize our next moves. I began looking over my hand thinking I really had nothing to play that was going to be impactful for my turn. Holding an assortment of cards and among them were two Cannibalistic Endeavors. Generally thinking to use them to shorten the hands of others and make room in my hand to draw something better for my next turn. I then played the two Cannibalistic Endeavors and quickly grabbed a card from two opponents simultaneously. I just wanted to see what I was going to draw for my next turn. It had to be better than what I was holding. Then it seemed to come from out of nowhere in an instant. The uproarious groans and profanity from the other players echoed the room. Then to be quickly drowned out and dwarfed in comparison by my booming laughter. I had pulled an Eldritch Power card out of each of their hands and tossed them into the Graveyard. That was the moment I painted a target on my back the size of the Moon. Chaos ignores favoritism for it is to be shared with everyone, and in that moment it was totally worth it.
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Re: Big Plays for the Hungering Chaos

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A surprising amount of Eldritch Powers seem to fall victim to Cannibalistic Endeavors. And it's always painful.
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